Day 1: Sleeping Beauties

Cultist Prison

The group awoke in a cultist prison, each brought there by unknown means, but clues gathered from the site pointed to abduction. The adventurers witnessed the unnamed cultists performing a vivisection on another prisoner: collecting specific organs and blood for unknown reasons. The party was able to escape their cells thanks to Alessi’s sorcerous powers. After a few butt-naked battle against guards, thugs and cultists, the group eventually recovered their equipment with only Anushka losing consciousness. Before their escape, the party witnessed a heavily armored human called Thrane, kneeling before a silent robed figure. Thanks to quick thinking and a length of rope, the party escaped Thrane’s clutches. The party was able to later escape by jumping in the underground river. After a ~20 minute thrashing in the river the group was eventually ejected into a bloody basin at the foot of a cliff. Their exact position unknown, but they were somewhere in the Spurwood.

Notable NPCs:
Thrane – Tall, muscular human wearing full plate mail and a gleaming greatsword.
Silent One – Humanoid in a dark purple velvet robe. He was never heard speaking but communicated through hand gestures. He was giving orders to the other cultists.


Slumberhaus Slumberhaus

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